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If you havent already learned about using breathing to expand sexual awareness, you may want to brush up on the importance of breathing for sexual exploration. For the exercises below you should be breathing deeply and focus on how your breathing changes as you go through sexual response, get turned on, build your sexual excitement, and experience climax, orgasm, and ejaculation.   want to take your orgasms to the next level? Try these 11 expert-approved tips to have better, more intense male orgasms. An orgasm can be experienced as whole-body pleasure, not just localized to the genitals. Every small wave of pleasure is an orgasmic experience, like a mini-orgasm. Must-read the oh-my-god-what-the-fck-was-that? Type of orgasm. Edging, peaking, or surfing is an orgasm control sexual technique that may be practiced either alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period without reaching climax. When practiced by males, orgasm control allows the practitioner to enjoy direct sexual stimulation without waiting through the refractory period common after orgasm. It really is possible to climax for that long if you follow the instructions in a new book, the 4-hour body by timothy ferris (the guy behind the bestseller the 4-hour.).   5 important tips to help you prolong your orgasm an sex session, put these tips to good use! Dont feel bad according to research over half of all men experience premature ejaculation, now these are some very useful tips that any man can use to help prolong his orgasm.   i studied with a very intense indian tantric guru for a while in bali. During that period, i often begged her to teach me the secrets of the universe. Edging is the act of stopping and starting sex to reset your orgasm timers. Build up until youre close to orgasm, then slow things way down (or even stop completely) for 30 seconds or so. Men have long bemoaned the idea that women can have multiple orgasms, but men cant. Men, after all, have to deal with the frustrating refractory periodafter an orgasm, their penises stay. Energy orgasms (heart, vocal and full-body orgasms) these types of orgasms are full body orgasms without touching. They use your breath and muscle contractions to generate orgasmic energy that flows through your body, resulting in male ejaculation.

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