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Women who masturbated in an mri machine helped scientists show that, from buildup to peak, an orgasm lights up your brain like the night sky on the fourth of july. The human brain can be separated into regions based on structure and function - vision, audition, body sensation, etc, known as brodmanns area map. Put together you get this video of how it works and the scientific marvels. Its a no-brainer that the female orgasm is still a mystery to many men. In fact, researchers used to think that 3 to 15 seconds was about the duration of a female orgasm.   obviously, there are a few core differences between male and female orgasms. For one, female orgasms can last 20 seconds or more, while male orgasms typically last about 3 to 10 seconds. However, although the female orgasm may last longer, its certainly more rare than the male orgasm. For the record, fmri machines can look at what parts of your brain are lighting up. When people have orgasms in these scanners (for science!), researchers are able to see their brains light up.

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