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But when i have an orgasm its just not as exciting as everyone says. I cant tell that im having an orgasm, besides the fact that theres a lot more juices than normal and i breath heavy afterwards. I have never had sex so the chances of this being an std are ruled out. Im not sure why this happens but i can feel all of the pleasure of masturbation up until ejaculation where feeling stops and i dont feel an orgasm at all but i still ejaculate. For others, a medical condition or side effects from a medication may be causing.   i naturally have a low sex drive however i believe it stems from the fact that i cant feel when i ejaculate during intercourse sometimes and it doesnt feel like anything. It doesnt hurt but its not enjoyable the way an orgasm should be. Please help this is very frustrating to both my partner and i. I feel like my clitoris is far too sensitive to have an orgasm just off of that one singular stimulation.   what its really like to be a twentysomething man who cant orgasm. I honestly dont think id mind if i couldnt though because i dont plan on having kids and i dont feel like my sex life is. Sometimes my boyfriend does not feel me come and i am fine with it. Sometimes he comes before me so that makes him not feel me but i am just happy that i could orgasm even if he couldnt feel it. I personally dont like to discuss with my boyfriend about his past sex life with his ex, that makes me say what i mentioned earlier. You can get there with foreplay, masturbation, whatever, but stopping yourself right before you orgasm and then switching to penetration can be an easy way to get off during p-in-v sex. 10 women who cant orgasm through penetration on why its still enjoyable i dont orgasm from back massages or eating oreos, but i still enjoy those things.

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